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By constantly adding to the range and continuously improving the quality, over time we developed an extensive, flexible and practical set of modules of stackable valves in sizes NG-6, NG-10 and NG-16 alongside the customer-specific manifold solutions. A large selection of basic blocks is available which contain the functions for double pump, accumulator, safety and circuit applications.

Sandwich plates have also been developed for NG-6, NG-10, NG-16 and NG-25, whose functions go far beyond a standard program.

As with our manifolds, the almost ISO standard cavity for screw-in valves on the market are used in the sandwich plates and manifolds. This makes them extremely flexible in terms of assembling.

The standard components in the IMAV catalogue, such as sandwich plates, stack systems, assembly plates and screw-in valves can be delivered from our stock. Because of their reliability and flexibility, they are often used in machines and engineering, in mobile and industrial hydraulics.

IMAV-Hydraulik GmbH manufactures power units up to a reservoir volume of approximately 1,000 liters and an output per pump unit of up to 30 kW.

If desired, the customer can participate in the intensive pre-delivery testing of the hydraulic power units.

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